Knowing your demographics, seeing future sales.


by Carl Franklin blogauthorpic


Perhaps one of the fundamental aspects of social networking is engagement. As companies, we want growth and exposure. But are we willing to take the extra time to engage with the proper audience? In the corporate business sector, I get it. CEO’s to CEO’s don’t have time to exchange hashtag wars and puerile memes to generate laughter. It’s all about the bottom line– talk turkey and it’s done. But in the consumer market, things are done far differently. Perhaps if you follow one of my favorite new companies of 2016,, you’ll notice the shift in marketing strategies range not only in promotion but extremely active audience engagement on their Facebook page. As a matter of fact, I’m a very loyal customer of simply on the basis that their customer service and engagement is top-notch. Not to mention their brilliant advertising and cross-platform campaigns. Kudos, Marc Lore, kudos indeed. Part of the reason it’s important to develop a personal rapport with your audience online, is to gauge what’s most important to them. 92% of business to business marketers use content for establishing a community or audience– however there needs to be regular communication with those who will considerably be your new consumers or keep their loyalty with your brand.

I understand how simple it can be to become wrangled up in the hustle of today’s society– go here, do this, meet him, do lunch with her, etc, etc. Trust me, when I left my fulltime gig for my own Advertising & Marketing firm, I thought I’d have some semblance of a slower pace to breathe. Since that wasn’t the case at all, I had to settle on tricks of Facebook to help with clients and manage their time more effectively. How do you simply make time to keep up with Facebook posts? That’s simple. Before you go reaching for that can of Red Bull (of which I recommend a wellness drink– Zeal by Zurvita instead) take a deep breath and count to ten. Our pal Mark has made things easy on the Facebook front. On your Business’s “like page” you can schedule several posts for the future as soon as that same day or months in advance. This simple trick will help boost your “web cred” while you’re on the go and each of your followers have a taste of what’s next, a joke, a poll question, or just a general status that seems like it was posted in real-time. Other social media platforms such as WordPress The possibilities are quite endless. If you cannot think of anything, then perhaps it’s time to consult with a marketing brain.


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