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Carl Franklin has been in the industry for a combined experience of over 8 years. He spent a great portion of his career involved in graphic design, advertising & marketing for the book publishing industry. His wealth of business expertise comes from the culmination of working under pressure in the world of pharmacy, delivering quality service even in a heat of the moment. Carl has culminated his wealth of business administration skillsets and design/advertising experience to form SMART DOG DEZIGN. As a young entreprenuer, he aims to speak out in the autistic community as an advocate and speak up for anyone else who feels they’re limited and cannot achieve success because of a diagnosis or mental disability. What’s more– Carl has innovated a quarterly magazine focusing on Autistics in the workplace and business and providing it as a resource to their relatives and friends to capture more understanding and awareness of how individuals on the spectrum cope differently to situations. Aspie InsiderTM will be distributed worldwide and available across all digital marketplace platforms– beginning Fall 2016.